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Fandom: Queer as Folk

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 Fandom is a series in which I detail my favourite shows and reflect on why they speak to me. These posts will contain spoilers. 

I have always loved television. Like REALLY loved television. In fact, my mother informed me a few months ago that, even as a small child, if we didn’t make it home to watch Sesame Street every single day, there was hell to pay. I remember racing home after school every day in the early to mid 90s to watch Degrassi (the original, both Junior High and High, then in syndication). I loved those characters. Joey Jeremiah was probably my first crush. I spent my evenings watching whatever I was allowed to, although I was particularly fond of Kratt’s Creatures and Muppets Tonight.  However, when I reflect back on my 20 some years of television watching the show that stands out, the one that hits me so viscerally that I sometimes tear up just thinking about it, was one that aired while I was in high school. Read the rest of this entry