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RECAP: Bomb Girls 2×09 “Something Fierce”

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I am willing to declare, loudly, that last night’s Bomb Girls episode has been probably my favourite of the entire series. It was, in many ways, the most explicitly feminist episode to date but also it featured burlesque. As a burlesque dancer, that definitely caught my attention. Warning, full spoilers below!

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RECAP: Bomb Girls 2×08 “Fifth Column”

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Oh Bomb Girls, how I love thee.

After the too-soon end of Being Erica, I wasn’t sure I could love another Canadian drama so soon. While CBC’s Being Erica will forever hold a place in my heart as one of the most endearing and original Canadian dramas, Global’s Bomb Girls sucked me right in the first time I watched it. The second season has showed no sign of letting up on the awesome, and its recent return from hiatus has been a port in the from from the miserable Canadian spring weather we’ve been having. Read the rest of this entry