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Life on the Small Screen is a blog dedicated to queer/feminist/sex positive/body positive/general awesome analysis of contemporary television (with occasional forays into film, comics, books and other pop culture mediums).

I am a late 20-something Canadian, living in an urban area. I am seemingly addicted to collecting degrees, board games, geeky pasties for my burlesque performances. My passion and educational background has always been in social justice, and my time as a graduate student allowed me to more seriously develop my thinking around queer theory and gender activism. I am also passionate about fat acceptance, animal rights and American Sign Language.

This blog is born out of a time of change. Having recently completed grad school awaiting a transition into television production, I decided to use my free time to blog about what I love most, television. I see television as a unique art form, an important vehicle for social change, and a great way to spend an hour (or several) of our time.

Besides spending hour upon hour watching, thinking about and talking about television, I enjoy spending time with my pets, performing burlesque and eating delicious vegan food.


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