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Summer Television Plans, Part 2: The New

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Last week I detailed some of the old shows I would be watching this summer, meaning those that I was rewatching or those that have been airing for a while but that I haven’t watched yet. In this post, I will briefly go over a couple of the shows that are airing new seasons this summer, and why I’m watching them. For me, summer television means camp, and I don’t mean the kind you went to as a kid or the activity you do with a tent. I like my summer television to be light and airy. It should be fun, silly and not take itself too seriously. Being a perpetual student means that summer is my time off, and I like my tv shows to reflect that.
*Note, spoilers for new summer shows below. *

My number one go to summer show is always Drop Dead Diva, which airs on Lifetime. I am especially glad to have it back this year, after its near cancellation early this year. DDD, follows Deb/Jane, a former model who dies, and then finds herself in the body of a plus size lawyer after “a bit of a mix up.” In early seasons, the show played heavily on the ‘model in a fat body’ storyline, giving it a (at times nauseating) after-school special message about loving yourself. However, as time went on the story improved. It remains a campy legal comedy-drama, but provides a solid enjoyable hour of entertainment. This season finds Deb/Jane coming face to face with the ‘real’ Jane, the original occupant of the body that Deb/Jane now calls hers. Additionally, Deb/Jane deals with the repercussions of her kiss with Grayson (the man she loved as Deb, before she died) on the day of her wedding to Owen (a judge she met in court). Add a dash of Margret Cho, and a cast of equally interesting supporting characters, and I’m committed to tuning in every week.

The second show I’m watching this summer is the sophomore season of Canadian medical drama Saving Hope on CTV. Last summer I was drawn to the show because of Erica Durance and Michael Shanks. On the whole, I’ve grown tired of medical dramas but the fact that the show is Canadian and features actors I love was enough to get me to check it out. It turns out that the show is pretty campy, and certainly gives me a light summer feeling. On the way to their wedding, surgeons Charlie and Alex are in a car accident, and Charlie ends up in coma. While Alex does everything in her power to help Charlie wake up from his coma, Charlie is stuck wandering the halls of Toronto’s Hope Zion hospital, helping others in a coma as well as dead people make peace with their lives and ‘cross over’ so to speak. This summer, the second season picks up after Charlie has successfully woken up from his coma, but still seeing ghosts. It seems like he will be using his ability to talk with unconscious patients to help treat them, or help dead patients fill their dying wishes. Its pretty much a supernatural medical drama, but there is something about it that keeps me coming back, despite its somewhat ridiculous premise.

Finally, this summer I am also keeping up with Switched at Birth, which airs on ABC Family. SAB tells the story of two girls, who it turns out were (are you ready for this?) switched at birth! There is requisite rich vs poor family, but the twist for this show comes from the fact that one of the girls is Deaf. The show does a commendable job of including a high number of Deaf actors, and ASL features prominently on the show. Currently, the show is airing the second half of its second season, picking up and dealing with a lot of family drama that was present before they went on hiatus in March. The show is also set in the summer, so its all pools and iced teas, which obviously is a wonderful reminder how much I wish I had access to a pool or lake, but fits my light and airy summer theme.

So theres are my three main summer shows this year. I may also check in with Dexter and True Blood, but I’ve found myself drifting away from those shows in previous seasons so they aren’t currently in my regular rotation. What about you, gentle readers? What new shows or new seasons are you watching this summer? Is there something you think I need to watch? Leave it in the comments and let me know!


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