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RECAP: Being Human (North American) 3×12 “Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive”

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Being Human is bolting towards the finish line for the season, and its penultimate episode worked to resolve some storylines while setting us up for the finale. In many ways, this episode had a finale feeling to it, it was the episode cliffhangers that really set us up for the final showdown. Be aware, full episode spoilers below!

The episode kicks off with Josh and Nora gearing up for their wedding day. I have to say, their scene in bed was pretty freaking adorable. Stripped of all the stress and strain on their relationship, Josh and Nora obviously deeply care for each other, and I’m glad to see them make it to this point.

Aidan does his best to help with the wedding, cooking them food and building them a chuppah. Again, its all very sweet. Then Kat shows up, and she is less than impressed that Aidan took off in the middle of the night after their first time together. Kat is pretty awesome, and calls Aidan out on this crap, demanding an explanation. I find that on the whole, Being Human has introduced some awesome strong women and Kat is no exception. She accepts Aidan’s apology after he explains that he was afraid of how serious they got so quickly.

All the happiness and cuteness though cannot go on forever. Nora has been up to visit Sally, and her degree of rot has got Nora very concerned (the bonus, Sally points out as cheerfully as possible, is that she no longer wants to eat Nora’s face!). The friends are adamant that something must be done, that Sally must fight, and Josh and Aidan decide to go with Sally through the door when the time comes. This is all very noble and loyal and predictable, but I spent most of the episode wondering why Nora didn’t join them? She’s a tough wolf in her own right, and she clearly demonstrates deep love and car for Sally, so why did she get left behind?

We get a cute scene of Nora dressing Sally up in new clothes, so that she doesn’t have to spend eternity in yoga pants again. The scene is fun, and brings an air of lightness to a episode that is fairly dark. I particularly enjoyed seeing Nora and Sally interact as friends, something I would like to see more of in the future.

Once the decision has been made that the boys are going with Sally and she gets some new clothes, we get a long process of teary goodbyes. This, I believe, is supposed to be sad but I just don’t buy it. I was fairly confident that we would be seeing Sally again, and I haven’t really loved the ‘human’ Sally storyline, so this scene lacked emotional punch for me. Also, why is Sally asking Aidan what its like to die? Sally already died once, so it shouldn’t be that surprising!

Once Sally’s left her body, she reappears back in her room. Aidan proceeds to punch through her rotting body and pull her heart out, claiming its what they need to defeat Donna. Its all very gross, and perhaps not the best explained. Gotta love impulsive Aidan though. When the door shows up, the three friends cross into it (leaving Nora alone to worry and look sad), but they don’t all end up in the same place. Josh is temporarily diverted to the woods, where all the work he’s done to make friends with his wolf are kind of ruined when his wolf tries to eat him. Similarly, Aidan lands in a field where he sees his son (the first one, not the vampire ones), he also tries to eat him. The whole eating people/Donna eats souls theme here is bashed over our heads a bit.

Aidan and Josh are then randomly back in the same room with Sally, where we see Ray! Poor Ray, the guy just can’t catch a break. Josh tells Sally and Aidan to go on without him. He came to help Sally, and apparently he’s going to do that by killing Ray? Ray actually says he has no beef with Sally or Aidan, so I’m not entirely sure why Josh feels he has to kill him for a second time in order to save Sally. Anyways, Ray is understandably pissed, so he and Josh fight it out and Josh kills Ray (again).

Meanwhile, Sally and Aidan find Donna. Sally uses the latin incantation that she got from the other witch but it doesn’t really do much except reveal Donna’s true face (Hey! She’s really old!). Cue some jokes about her being so old, and then Aidan burns Sally’s heart. I really loved the smug look on Aidan’s face here, followed by the shock that he’d gotten something wrong. Aidan is a bit of a know-it-all sometimes.

Anyways, Donna catches fire, but she somehow transfers that fire to Sally, who says her ‘final’ goodbyes to Josh and Aidan. She is then promptly inhaled by Donna, who begins to look young again. Suddenly though, Donna is a lit up and maybe being ripped apart from the inside and ghost Sally is magically back in her bedroom beside her gross rotting corpse. Hooray!

Everyone is happy, but Josh doesn’t want to get married until after the full moon so that he can see Sally at the wedding. Then Josh’s sister shows up and demands they get married immediately, so they do. Josh wrote his own vows and they were very sweet (of course), Nora didn’t right her own vows but was also very sweet (of course), and much kissing ensued.

Had the episode ended here, I think it would have made a fine ending to the season (minus the fact that poor Kenny is just dead in Aidan’s bed, and no one has given him much thought). But, because its Being Human the episode goes out with a bang. Cue Kenny, whose face is all deformed like the last guy Aidan turned. Also the candles are randomly catching fire for no reason. Also, Nora goes out to get firewood on her wedding night (because she awesomely wants to eschew traditional gender roles) and is met by daddy werewolf Liam.

I am not very optimistic about the Liam situation. I think that Nora could be in some serious trouble. There is no way that the show is going to let Josh be as happy as he is, so I see bad bad things in the finale. I really don’t know what to think about poor Kenny. I assume it has something to do with the vampire flu and/or the werewolf blood cure. I am curious as to the explanation.

I will admit openly that season three has not been my favourite season so far. Sally’s story lines as a ghost felt more developed and nuanced than her current rotting zombie issue, the vampire-killing flu seemed over the top, and I’ve missed Josh being a werewolf. However, I felt that this episode recaptured a lot of what I loved with the first and second season, the very human struggle to connect with other people. There was a lot of emphasis on the relationship between Sally, Josh and Aidan, which has always been the best part of the show for me.

Favourite Moments:

– Aidan refers to Kat as his girlfriend, and neither Josh nor Nora let it slip by unnoticed.

– The adorable song playing during Nora and Sally’s clothes scene, ‘Buried’ by Family of the Year

– Josh and Aidan’s moment before the wedding, where they reflect on how far they’ve come. Those two are bros in the best sense of the word and I love it.

What do you think the finale holds for our band of monsters? Why does Kenny look that way? And what the heck is up with the mysterious fire on the candles?


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